The Most Effective Alternatives to Weight Loss Pills

There’s no denying that weight loss pills are an incredibly effective treatment when it comes to losing weight. However, for some people they just don’t work. With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the most effective alternatives to weight loss pills.

If you’ve tried any of the pills on the market including the incredibly effective Burnea Test and still had no luck, you’ll want to pay attention to this article.


If you’ve ever had treatment for different types of pain, headaches, stroke rehabilitation or an addiction, you’ve likely heard of acupuncture. The process of inserting thin metal needles into the skin at various points around the body has been used for years to treat many different types of illness.

Acupuncture has more recently been linked to weight loss, including reduced hunger and generally the fast loss of fat. It may not be as effective as many of the weight loss pills you can pick up and buy but acupuncture is definitely worth a go.


The idea of hypnosis at first sounds like a pretty scary one. However, it comes from the Greek work for “sleep” and that’s all it is. Hypnosis is used to treat many different mental health issues and has also been linked to weight loss.

A hypnotist can use a variety of techniques to introduce you into a positive mind-set towards healthy eating and exercise. Many people who have struggled to get into a healthy mind-set have found hypnosis to work wonders. After prolonged hypnosis, many patients claim to have completely changed their attitude towards life.

Natural Supplements

If you simply don’t like the idea of taking synthetic pills for weight loss, there are a number of natural supplements available instead. These pills are compiled of only natural ingredients that are beneficial to the weight loss process.

Available in many health food stores, natural supplements work to supress hunger, whilst increasing your metabolism and lean body mass. Different natural supplements work in different ways for different people, but tend to offer less side effects than their synthetic equivalents, which is definitely a plus.