Showing your Home to Potential Buyers

The idea of showing your home to potential buyers can be a very stressful time especially if you smoke, or have children and pets. You have lived in your home for more than likely at least a few years. You have become accustom to the odors and do not notice the various smells. One of the worst turns off to potential buyers is the aroma that hits their nose when they enter your home.

Even if you do not smoke in your home, the odor will stick to your clothing. This will bring that smell into your home. If you smoke, be sure you are placing your clothing into a plastic bag and sealed correctly. Do not just place them in a hamper as the odor especially for a non smoker will still be present.

Of course, children do not really have an odor so they will not cause issues, but all those toys left out and strewn in various areas of the home can also be a huge turn off. Toys should be placed in toy boxes or on shelves and not left all over the bed or on the floor.

Pets may never have used the floor as their bathroom, but all pets have a unique odor that those that do not own pets will certainly notice. Cats are of course another thing altogether as they use a litter box. If at all possible, before a showing place the litter box in a garage. Use Fabreeze to help with eliminating the odors of the litter box and the pets.

Never leave your pets and children in the home when you have a showing. It is best if everyone leaves the home, so the potential buyers have the opportunity to feel at home in your house. They will want to inspect and see if they can envision living in your home.

Of course, by talking with a professional real estate agent such as Tim DeCapua, you can receive quality information on helping to rid your home of odors or to create inviting aromas that will make potential buyers more comfortable in your home.