Outdoor Australia & How To Wind Down When In Brisbane

Australians are blessed with a sunny climate and a tough ‘can do’ attitude that makes them naturally tends to the outside. You might think only of surfing and long white sand beaches when you think of Australia, but this geographically diverse land has lots to offer the thrill seeking adventurer.

Trips to the Great Barrier Reef will provide you with one of the top scuba diving adventures in the world. Snowfalls offer fabulous skiing conditions in the appropriately named Snowy Mountains, in winter. All over Australia you will find opportunities to mountain bike, hike, cave, sky dive, fish, quad bike or kayak. You can head to the desert for a night of camping under the stars or visit rainforests to view some of nature’s wonderfully diverse animals.

Brisbane isn’t exactly in the desert but if offers its fair share of adventure sports, plentiful hiking and biking trails all over the city and activities on the river.

If you’ve come to the city to get away from the bush, then perhaps some relaxation is more your kind of thing. Try looking for massage Brisbane city and you will find any type of massage you could wish for. Swedish, Thai, Chinese or a hot stone massage may sound relaxing but if you’ve spent the day hiking in the hills, then you should try to locate a deep tissue or sports massage which will really work your muscles and ease any aches and pains.

Debits out, mean credits in, so at the end of the day its time to kick back with a beer and make Aussie style. If you are sick of BBQ and tinnies, then head to the CBD for some of the world-class restaurants that litter the district. For the more adventurous head to some of the lesser known outer suburbs and find quality restaurants for a fraction of the price.

Hard work means hard play, so head back to the CBD for some of the roof top bars that are appearing all over the place, sublime places overlooking the city perfect to sip on a cocktail.