How To Change Your Name On Your Social Security Card In Three Basic Steps

Getting your name changed on your social security card does not need to be a big hassle. By gathering information about the right course of action to take, you can minimise both time and effort that needs to be spent on the task. Fortunately, the course of action that you would need to take for the change of name is quite simple; in fact, you can get it done in just three basic steps to continue receiving the benefits that can be received from your card.

Steps for changing your name on your social security card

The first step that you must ensure if you want to apply for a name change is that you have all the required documents in order. This will ensure that your application doesn’t get recorded and you don’t face further future troubles while accessing your social security benefit. The required documents would include the proof of citizenship, a document that records the change in name legally as well as an identity proof. The name change document must be a recent one.

The second step is to correctly and completely fill out the application form for the name change. Your application form details should be the same as the documents that have been provided by you to avoid any form of discrepancy. On the form, you would also need a reason to support the claim for the change of information.

The third step is to simply submit the application form by finding an office nearby or even by mailing a copy of the required documents to the government website.

With steps as easy as this, you can prevent the loss of future benefits that can result out of improper information on your social security card. Having prior information of the necessary steps that must be taken can ensure you a smoother social security card name change.