How to Back-Up your WhatsApp Messages to Google Drive

If you use WhatsApp for PC or your mobile device, your account likely contains hundreds, if not thousands of precious messages. Have you thought about what would happen to those messages if you were to lose your device or switch to another phone? Thankfully, WhatsApp are now rolling out functionality to back-up your WhatsApp for PC messages to Google Drive and it’s a fairly easy process.

The new beta functionality in WhatsApp allows users to create a folder within their Google Drive account and store as many WhatsApp conversations as they can in there. If you ever lose, wipe or replace your device, you can then download these conversations and pick up where you left off.

If you’re worried about losing your precious WhatsApp conversations, you can back up that information by navigating into settings and enabling the Chat Backup option in the Chats and Call section. When enabled, you’ll need to sign into your Google account and give permission for WhatsApp to use and access your Google Drive. You will of course need a Google Drive account for this functionality to work and enough space in your Google Drive to adequately store your conversations.

Users are given the option to back up their content daily, weekly or monthly and a schedule can be set-up to do that automatically. It’s worth noting that if you have a lot of conversations, the files could be large in size and it’s recommended that you connect to Wi-Fi before backing up, or you could fall victim to costly data charges. The process may also be quite intensive on your battery, so it’s worth having your device plugged in too.

The feature is currently being slowly rolled out by WhatsApp and is expected to be available to more and more users in the coming weeks. At present, the functionality does appear to be available in anything from the 2.12.231 version of WhatsApp.

New back-up functionality is going to be huge in WhatsApp’s bid to dominate the mobile messaging space, as WhatsApp for PC continues to grow. WhatsApp is fast becoming one of the most feature intensive messaging platforms and we can certainly see why.

Importance Of Colorful Graphical Reports In Attendance Software

There are so many attendance software programs on the market that you will barely know what to pay attention to. The good news is that you do have options. Basically, such a software will save you money by ensuring precise hour counting, but also time. A few clicks will display all the information about a particular employee, without having to use calculators and do the math yourself.

Attendance software programs have also diversified a lot. Generally speaking, you should avoid rigid programs that do not provide too much flexibility. You require the possibility to add employees whenever you feel like and without having to call a professional. The system must be intuitive and highly customizable. After all, what works for some companies will not always work for you too.

Of course, these things are general and everyone will pay attention to them – integration, individualization, interactivity, customer support and so on. But just like for any other thing in life, there is also the possibility to miss small details. When looking for a reliable attendance software, make sure that you think about everything – including small details that will add to your productivity.

Graphical Reports – What They Should Look Like

A black and white graphical report with just some random numbers thrown here and there is less likely to appeal too much. You will find it difficult to read, while the actual results might be confusing. Plenty of people overlook these aspects, yet a good attendance software must come up with a colorful graphical chart to summarize everything – number of employees (both present and absent), employees on leave or vacation, total hours worked by each employee, breaks and so on. Sure, not everyone may require color coded data, so you should be able to export all these details in the XLS format as well. Generally speaking, the more appealing the attendance software is, the more efficient it becomes.

In conclusion, do pay special attention when it comes to purchasing a software and check every single thing. Detailed and user friendly reports will make your life easier when about to pay your employees.