White hat vs grey hat vs black hat SEO

If you are a business man, I am sure that you have heard of SEO many times before. Even right now, you are probably looking for SEO services Stevenage, no? Anyway, you may have read a lot or not so lot about SEO and you heard terms white hat SEO, grey hat SEO, black hat SEO, etc … right? Confusing, I am sure but in this article, I will talk about what they all are so you have no more confusion.

  • White hat SEO – this is by far the most legit SEO there is. Actually, it is so legit and all that it does not work in most cases. Well, it works but it takes bloody long time. White hat may take months, if not years to come into effect … unless you are very creative and do something that is worth media attention. Press releases, link baits and most guest posts are white hat SEO. If you grab media attention and hundreds of magazines and high quality sites start talking about you, consider white hat SEO campaign done.
  • Grey hat SEO – this is what most legit marketers do. This is the type of SEO that provides relatively fast results (1 – 6 weeks) and is relatively safe (won’t penalise your business site). These are strategies that even big brands use. Some guest posts can be grey hat SEO. However, grey hat SEO is mainly blog posts and web 2.0 links that have great quality content that are very readable, unique and original with some images.
  • Black hat SEO – if you run a business, stay away from black hat SEO. These are strategies that rank websites very quickly for a very short term – sometimes, you can get high rankings in competitive niche within a few days for one day. Usually, this is done by those who actually know all the pros and cons of and they take advantage of it.

That being said, if you run a proper business, stay away from black hat SEO – use grey hat SEO. That is what I would do.

How to make SEO Friendly Content

Optimizing your website for search engines is largely down to manual processes, carried out by yourself or a NYC SEO agency. That being said, there are a few steps you can take to make your content more SEO friendly and in turn bump that content up in search rankings.


The best place to start is by identifying what content is performing best, find out what articles your readers enjoy and what types of content bring in the most clicks. Also take a look a look at which articles are linked to most.

It’s then a simple case of producing similar style content or content that you feel matches what readers would enjoy.


Google picks up on how many times a page has been linked to and pushes a page up in search rankings according to that. So the answer here is obvious. Make sure your content is linked to as much as possible. This can be as simple as linking to your content from various places on the website; create various places that users will see links to the same content.

When publishing an article, push it out across as many social media platforms, sharing sites etc. as you can. The more links facing towards a page, the more exposure it will get to search engines.

Categories and Tags

If you’re posting your content through a popular CMS system, like WordPress, you have the ability to assign tags and categories to your posts. Don’t overlook this. Whilst providing away for your readers to find certain content, these related tags will also help assign search terms to a post.


Many users choose to type a question into their search engine. How can you help get them from what question to your site? Include a question of your own. Asking readers a question will match their search query to your article.

What’s more, asking questions is a fantastic way to engage your audience and drive more focus towards your blog’s comment thread.

These are just a few of the subtle changes you can make to your content and start automatically driving more hits towards your articles. SEO should never be overlooked, especially in content creation.