Castor Oil’s Dark Side Revealed

Do you believe that everything has its dark side? Even the simplest and smallest things that you use or take every day will have bad sides. Castor oil for example, is known to be a very helpful material or ingredient all over the world. It is used in a lot of fields and so far it has been effective in that aspect. But many people don’t know that this was used as a form of punishment in the past. You might find this hard to believe but this very product has caused deaths in the past. These events have been recorded and you can conduct researches to prove this to yourself if you are having doubts about it.

Today, there are some parents that use castor oil as a form of punishment. They force their kids to take a little amount of this oil as sanction for a bad thing they have done. But many health experts discouraged this method of punishment as simple mistakes in the amount of oil force-fed to someone can result to serious complications and even death. In Italy for example, there were deaths in the past related to the use of castor oil as a form of punishment. After performing lengthy stick beating to erring people, they are forced to drink excessive volume of this oil, resulting in diarrhea. Those who survived the stick beating were faced with the problem of overcoming the dehydration problems brought about by castor oil-induced diarrhea. In a way, it is safe to assume that this was used as a form of torture in the past.

Luckily for us today, the use of castor oil has been refined and the methods of using this product were also improved to make sure that people patronizing it do not encounter side effects that might endanger their lives. However, the fact that excessive use of this oil resulted to deaths in the past still remains. What would help out at least now is to remember that everything should be in moderation as too much of something good can also be bad. It’s the perfect way to avoid further problems associated with the use of castor oil.